All in the Details

I love shooting the little details at a wedding or event. The rings, decor favors – they give you a little insight into who this couple really is and what is important to them. Most often a bride will tell you what they would like to capture and you have the list of things that always get captured. But what I love most is spending the day getting to know the couple and discovering what is important to them. Throughout their wedding day little details of love, family, and friendship begin to emerge.

At Courtney and Mark’s wedding, they served traditional camp food for their wedding at Camp Tockwogh. The most iconic camp comfort food is Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. I loved that they served them as a mini appetizer.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup


Nothing is more important then to capture the details in the dress. Like every bride, her dress is unique to her. Some add more accessories to make them stand out, while others keep it simple and let the dress show off what makes them special. I love using natural lighting for dresses. I think it helps to highlight the natural details in each dress. Finding a window, doorway, or even taking the dress outside (weather permitting) provides the best light – and a beautiful backdrop.

For Jessica’s wedding, her dress and veil was completely handmade by her grandmother. For us it wasn’t just about capture the dress, but highlighting all of the beautiful work that went into making this show stopping piece of art. One of the most memorable pictures to capture was Jessica standing with her grandmother in the church after the ceremony.

And we can’t forget about the groom. His little details are just as important and can be just as stunning as the bride! They may seem simple but the guys have tons of style – you just might have to work harder. Remember to check out their socks, flowers, or just get a pictures of them straighten their tie. This is not just the brides big day.

And finally rings and things. There are so many little details to capture from a couples wedding day. Here are my favorite shots of accessories and details! Enjoy.

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